What's vocabee?

Vocabee is a vocabulary game-based learning platform. With vocabee, it is easy to create and play fun vocabulary games in minutes. Use vocabee for all language classes, and practically any subject. Play with anyone, on any device, from anywhere, in any subject.

Image of Letters (Credits: Pixabay)

Play the Vocab Bee

The research is clear. Playing games and gamifying elements of the learning experience yield more long term engagement, and promote learning. Create vocabulary learning games in no-time; learners play and compete in real time, creating engaging experiences. Tried by teachers, loved by learners. 

Mobile Ready

Create and play your bees from anywhere, in any language, using any device (BYOD-friendly). Responsive design means more productivity and focus on pedagogical tasks. Students play together in groups, or individually. Your class, your rules.

Vocabulary Learning Made Fun

Learning vocabulary is the building blocks of successful language learning experiences. Engage your students by having them work together to create bees and create meaning in the process. Your vocab Bee can also be turned into a spelling bee in no time.

Commonly taught or not, all are welcome!

Crowd-source the learning experience, where your learners work together to collect and come up with all the words for a given lesson, or unit. If you're short on resources, especially if you teach a less commonly taught language, this bee can help your learners take advantage of all Web 2.0 learning features. 

Use Cases

Read more to learn about ways in which you can incorporate the vocab bee in your classes. A variety of use cases to suit a variety of audiences, situations, and learning contexts. 

Creating a Bee in 1,2,3

Creating an account and a bee takes less than a minute. You pick the words, and let your busy bees play to find all the words. No additional tools necessary. 

Sync or Async

The Bee can be played during class time (synchronously) and also outside of class (asynchronously) so learning continues even after students leave the classroom. 

Create Account

With an account, you can create your own bees. Creating an account is quick and free. 

Just Play

If you're here to play the bee, you just need a game room number to play. 

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