Create a Bee in 3

Creating a Vocabee is easy, and can be done in three steps. Follow the steps below to create yours. 


Provide the Playable Words

In a typical Vocabee, there is a list of words (all languages are welcome) that you can designate to be considered playable. In other words, you get to select the words to include in your Vocabee. 

Provide Range of Letters

If you specify a certain range of letters, those are the only letters each player can use to play the Vocabee. 

That's it!

Once you have your words and letters, you can deploy your Vocabee. Your players will access the play interface using the automatically generated QR code, and will start playing together. Remember, Vocabees last for a week, so your students or users can continue to play after the class or the special event. 

Let's Get Buzzing!

Provide your words and letters to begin!
Playable Words

Paste or type the playable words for your Vocabee. These can be any set of words (or phrases) you deem relevant for a given lesson or scenario. Below is a sample Vocabee that encourages players to compete and find as many words describing a variety of weather conditions. Note that each word/letter listed is followed by a carriage return (A press of the 'Enter' key on your comptuer or device keyboard)

Letters (Optional)

If you want your players to use a given set of letters to play, you can paste or type the list of letters below. Mark any required or special letters with an (*) aestrisk. Separate each letter with a carriage return (Press the 'Enter' key on your computer or device's keyboard)

Title (Optional)

Provide a title or instructions

Alphabetize Answers

Choose whether the answers appear in alphabetical order. Default is alphabetical.

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